GenNext tools to improve returns on marketing investment

Know your customer’s likes and needs and enjoy greater profits with Engaje – cost effective NextGen tools to maximise the return on your marketing investment.


Engaje – the total solution to build your business

Much more than just an intelligent 24/7 Chatbot, Engaje is all about keeping your customers happy and in so doing, building your business. Powerful features allow to you to provide personalised customer experiences across all social media channels and/or your website.

Engaje with your customers 24/7

Using clever Chatbot and artificial intelligence technology, Engaje allows your business to operate uninterrupted and reliably 24/7. Customers can get immediate answers to simple questions, place orders or even make appointments, just as they would with a live person. It’s a 24/7 receptionist and, just like a receptionist, tricky requests are directed to a real human.


Great customer service begins with Engaje

Engaje allows you to know who your customers are and what they like, establishing personal connections that make your customer feel important and ensuring they are kept happy. Happy customers are repeat customers – and Engaje ensures your brand remains at the forefront of their mind.


Engaje and get personal

Knowledge of a customer’s buying history and preferences is a very powerful marketing tool. Engaje creates a customer knowledge database, making timely re-engagement the cornerstone of your business marketing. Efficient and cost-effective, Engaje ensures your customers keep coming back for more.


Engaje and turn conversations into sales

Engaje gives you the tools to easily set up a webshop via social media platforms and/or your website so your customers can shop when they wish. And with powerful real-time customer support, Engaje establishes on-going personal relationships with your customers which in turn helps build strong brand loyalty.


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