Turning conversations into sales is easy when your customers can order directly from their phones using their social media accounts.

A webshop on Facebook or Instagram? Easy!

With Engaje Work, setting up the web shop is so simple a non IT savvy person can easily make this happen. And because it’s part of your customer’s favourite social media platform, you won’t lose that sale by needing to redirect traffic to your website. An immediate call to action puts the power to order products in the palm of your customer’s hand with payments direct to your bank account via Stripe.


Powerful insights

Engaje Work tracks customer interactions, turning that data into reports that give you the key identifiers to capitalise on marketing and promotion opportunities. An ability for customers to comment and rate their experience is another powerful tool to improve your customer service.


Solutions for all industries

The customer is the most important person in your world and regardless of industry, exceeding their expectations is key to building your business. Industries that could particularly benefit from the easy-to-use solutions Engaje Work offers include hospitality, fast food, health and beauty and retail.